Regarding COVID-19

Hello All,
By now, most of you are probably aware of the public health challenges that the novel coronavirus and the associated COVID-19 disease present to the country and the world. As the ACCC Board, the safety and well-being of our student athletes is our number one priority. 
With that in mind, we as the ACCC conference leadership have decided at this time to make the remainder of the ACCC 2020 road season discretionary/elective. 
Because of the bans in place for official student activities-related travel for many member institutions, we cannot ask riders to break school rules to race. Furthermore, it would be unfair to count races towards standings if not all riders can officially compete for their schools. We also cannot in good conscience ask host schools to promote races where they face significant financial loss because only a few riders are able to travel to the race. As more schools make announcements, we also cannot account for individual institutions canceling student-run activities and limiting gatherings/crowds. 
Individual race promoters may choose to continue with their non-collegiate fields if they so choose. We as conference leadership are working with each individual promoter to decide what is best. Collegiate riders may race in those fields if they desire, but they do so as an open rider.  
As the situation evolves on the federal, state, and local level, we will have more updates as time goes on. 
Thanks to all of our student athletes, coaches, and teams for their understanding in what is a very unprecedented and uncertain situation.  
We hope that everyone stays safe, follows the rules stipulated by their home institutions, keeps riding their bikes, and please practice good hygiene. 

Thank you. 

— Kyle Helson – ACCC Conference Director
   Laura Ann Leaton – ACCC Board President