Conference Leadership

Kaleb Naegeli – Board President


Kaleb Naegeli is a 10-year alumnus of collegiate cycling: he raced for Indiana University as an undergraduate and then Duke University during graduate school. At Duke, Kaleb was part of three ACCC Championship teams and two top-5 performances at Collegiate Road Nationals. Additionally, Kaleb was the ACCC Student Race director for two years. After graduating, Kaleb’s love for collegiate cycling drove him to stay interested in its continued function and improvement. Kaleb lives and works in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina.





Kyle Helson – Board Member


I began my athletic career primarily as a swimmer, retiring after a 4 year NCAA D3 stint. I began cycling in graduate school at Brown racing road, track, and cyclocross. While at Brown, I gained experience with running several race weekends and learning more about how the collegiate cycling conference system works as a whole. I thoroughly enjoyed my ECCC racing career and love the atmosphere within collegiate cycling.  After moving to the DC area for a job, I wanted to stay involved with collegiate cycling and joining the ACCC board seemed like the perfect opportunity. Collegiate cycling is a rare opportunity where new racers, national champions, and everyone in between are welcome. I want to increase the visibility of collegiate cycling and help to grow the sport with a positive and welcoming environment.


Laura Ann Leaton – Board Member


I graduated from the University of Virginia this past year where I raced road, cross country, and cyclocross. Racing collegiately greatly impacted my college experience and has given me lifetime friends. I hope to promote the community to new and veteran collegiate races and instill sustainability in the conference racing structure. I now live in Denver, CO for work. Come visit!!






Blaise Schaeffer – Board Member

Blaise has been an active person as long as he can remember… riding bikes playing soccer, snowboarding, hiking, and much more. He took a short absence from two wheels when he decided to pursue a collegiate soccer career at Luther College. After graduating, Blaise completed a bucket list journey, riding his bike across American on the Northern Tier route from Anacortes, WA to Bar Harbor, ME before moving to Durham, North Carolina. Having not lost the desire to remain active and compete, Blaise though he would reenter the cycling world. He frequently rides with the Duke cycling team and all of his friends throughout the triangle. Blaise is looking forward to helping the ACCC grow in a positive, sustainable direction and is extremely excited to be further connected to the cycling community.



Austin Thompson – Board Member

I started riding bikes just after graduating from University of South Carolina. I had not considered racing until I arrived at Duke University. While completing my Master’s at Duke, I joined the Duke University Cycling Team and instantly fell in love with racing bikes. The ACCC opened the door for me into an incredible cycling community, and I hope my time on the board allows me to extend that community to others.






Chris Keosian – Board Member

I graduated from UMD where I was the Prez/Veep all 4 years. I’m a skinny boi. I work for the gubment. etc etc.






Spencer Moavenzadeh – Student Representative


Tommy Steinebrunner – Student Representative


Rob Helms – Board Member


Rob Helms I currently serve as a member of the ACCC BoD and race for  Kelly Benefits Strategies/Lateral Stress Velo, a Baltimore based team.  I also volunteer as its membership director.  I raced in high school and college and started cycling clubs at both schools.  When I joined the Army, I got out of cycling because of my several overseas deployments. When I was stationed in Germany, I caught the bug again and started riding with a German club.  I renewed my racing license in 2000 when returned back to the States and I have been racing since then. I mostly race crits but for the past couple of years I got knee deep in cross and love the mud!  Must be from my Army roots.  I am now retired from U.S. Army and have settled in the Baltimore area.  I wanted to give back to the sport of cycling so I volunteered to be a member of the ACCC.