ECCC School Administrators

The following are resources that may be of use to school administrators, either directly or as pointers for the students you oversee:

  • Club Licenses
    All teams must maintain a USA Cycling club license in order to race, which is actually a very simple process. If students have come to you about doing so, this page explains how. If you or other faculty/staff are interested in jump starting a team, you should begin with the Get Started portion of the Club Officers' Guide below.
  • Season Calendars
    Listings of upcoming and previous conference events with detailed race flyers, results, and season standings are all maintained on the calendar. This is the place to look for information on your club's upcoming travel as well as to check in on how the team and individual riders are doing.
  • Club Officers' Guide
    One of the great struggles in collegiate cycling is developing successful club officers and ensuring they pass on those leadership abilities as they graduate. These resources will help officers run their teams and prepare for the future.
  • Women's Cycling
    One of the core missions of the ECCC is developing women's cycling, merging competition, positivity, athleticism, and sociality to create an awesome community for female athletes. This section of the website is a home for all our women racers to help connect with other women, learn faster, and become fully engaged in the sport.
  • New Racers' Guide
    Competitive cycling can have a fairly steep learning curve, but the ECCC puts substantial emphasis on smoothing that process and creating an accessible, engaging environment for new racers. This page collects notes on getting started, our Introduction to Bicycle Racing categories, and other material for newcomers.
  • ECCC Contacts
    Finally, ECCC personnel may of course always be contacted with particular problems or questions.
Dartmouth Easterns 2010 Women's A Crit
Staging for the 2010 Easterns Women's A Crit @ Dartmouth. (photo: Chatura Atapattu)
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