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  • 2010/11/17: 2010 Fall Meeting, Nov 20 @ USMA
    Room details and agenda notes have been posted. Make sure a representative from your team will be joining us!
  • 2010/10/13: MTB Winds Down, CX Begins!
    Full results and season standings from the just-concluded ECCC 2010 MTB Season are available on the calendar. The Cyclocross schedule, along with CX rules and procedures, is also available there. Go check it out!
  • 2010/9/17: Fall in Full Swing
    The ECCC MTB season is in full swing and all the information you need can be found on the calendar page. We've also added a first glimpse at the ECCC Cyclocross season and set a date for the annual fall meeting.
  • 2010/8/30: MTB Schedule
    Flyers have been posted for all of this fall's awesome ECCC MTB races, on the calendar now!
  • 2010/7/16: CX Clinic, Track, and MTB 2010!
    Links have been posted for the upcoming Rutgers CX Clinic, the first two weekends of ECCC track and the full 2010 MTB Schedule has been posted! Check it out on the calendar page.
  • 2010/3/17: Canadian Collegiate Cycling Circuit Begins to Form, Intro Races Press!
    Our friends from McGill are stepping up their game even more, beginning formation of the first ever Canadian Collegiate cycling organization! Check out some early information in this Canadian Cyclist article. Also, the Women's Intro and C racers at Columbia's Grants Tomb Crit made it into the New York Times!
  • 2010/2/10: Ask-A-Pro with Isaac Howe
    The ECCC continues its stellar series of pro interviews with the latest installment of Ask-A-Pro? with UVM Alumnus Isaac Howe
  • 2010/2/3: ECCC On Twitter
    Keeping up with the RMCCC and the rest of the world the ECCC has joined twitter! Check us out at!
  • 2010/2/1: Women's Cycling Meeting
    The ECCC is having a Women's Cycling meeting to discuss new ventures in Women's cycling for the upcoming road season at Northeastern University, Details and location have been posted here?
  • 2010/1/25: Winter Planning Meeting
    This year's ECCC Winter Planning Meeting will be held February 20th at Yale! Details to come...
  • 2009/11/10: Women's Cycling Proposals
    Several significant proposals for women's cycling in 2010 have been posted.
  • 2009/11/8: ECCC Fall Planning Meeting
    Notes on the fall planning meeting have been posted. Proposed rules changes and other notes will be posted in the coming days. We'll see you in Hoboken in Saturday!
  • 2009/10/27: Ask A Pro Forum
    The long lost Ask A Pro Forum has been revived! It can be found on the Ask A Pro? page. Starting with an interview with pro cyclist Ted King!
  • 2009/09/18:Cyclocross 2009
    The ECCC CX schedule is now online, find it on the calendar page. Also, more flyers have been added to the MTB schedule!
  • 2009/08/31: MTB 2009
    The flyer for the 2009 MTB season opener has been posted, along with the rest of the 2009 ECCC MTB season at the calendar page.
  • 2009/05/18: ECCC Survey Results Posted
    The 2009 ECCC Road Survey Results have been posted. You can access them in the Surveys Section.
  • 2009/04/03: ECCC Post-Season
    As usual the UMass team is putting on their annual post-season MTB race. Check out the calendar page for details and registration links.
  • 2009/03/16: Delaware, Yale, Philly
    Flyers for the Delaware, Philly, and Yale races have been posted on the calendar. Note that the Yale race has an additional release form which all riders must submit. Although not an official dual conference race this year, there is no ACCC event the weekend of the Phlyer. All ACCC teams are more than welcome to join us for some excellent racing, and we look forward to seeing you there!
  • 2009/03/03: Columbia, Stevens, Release Packets
    Flyers and registration links for the Columbia and Stevens races have been posted on the calendar. The 2009 Velocity Results Guide and Road Release Packet have also been posted. All riders must submit a release packet to receive a season number.
  • 2009/02/27:Spirit of '69 Season Opener
    The season opener hosted by Rutgers and Princeton is just one week away. Be sure to check out the Calendar Page for registration info, and race flyer.
  • 2009/02/04: Blogs!
    Much like the rest of the world, the ECCC has started to compile a series of blogs from its very own racers as they train, travel, race, and occasionally study. Check it out at
  • 2008/11/11: Cyclocross Registration, Results, Rules
    We have started posting notes on 2008 cyclocross rules online, in addition to regular listserv mailings. Pre-registration links and results have also been posted to the calendar.
  • 2008/11/6: Road Race Proposals, MTB Survey
    Requirements for proposing a road race for the upcoming season have been posted. Please review them carefully and follow accordingly! In addition, the inaugural MTB survey was (finally!) posted, courtesy Steve Hopengarten (Union). Check it out here.
  • 2008/11/2: Fall Meeting Invite
    All teams should have a representative at the 2008 ECCC Fall Planning Meeting, to be hold November 15 at Bard College! Details are now online. This meeting will focus on road season rules changes and scheduling, with some cyclocross discussion. A new meeting will be started in late January or early February to focus on CX, Track, and MTB.
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