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! ECCC Fall Planning Meeting 2008 Invite

Hosted by Bard College

9am, Saturday, November 15, 2008\\
The Reem and Kayden Center for Science\\
Bard College\\
Annandale Rd\\
Red Hook, NY, 12571

!! What?

The ECCC has a lot going on---four seasons, twenty six weekends of
racing, and a thousand racers currently make up the conference. Key
to organizing all of that is the annual ECCC Planning Meeting. At the
meeting, all teams get together to discuss the state of the
conference, vote on rules changes, and schedule upcoming seasons.

This year, the ECCC will be holding its traditional fall Planning
Meeting on Saturday, November 15th. It will also be introducing a
winter planning meeting, to be held in early February or late January.
The imminent Fall Meeting will focus on road season, including rules
changes and the spring schedule, with some discussion on cyclocross.
The new Winter Meeting will focus on cyclocross, track, and MTB.

In addition, the Fall Meeting will once again include an interactive
Team Building Workshop, lead by members of the conference. This
year's workshop will focus on sponsorship and fundraising.

!! Who

All teams should have a representative at the fall meeting,
particularly those that participate in the road season.
Representatives from schools looking to start new teams are also more
than welcome to attend. All promoting teams *must* have a
representative in attendance and prepared to present their race
proposal. Details of that process will follow shortly.

!! When

The meeting will be a single day:

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

The rough outline agenda is:

9am: Team Building Workshop
- Sponsorship and Fundraising!

10am: ECCC Fall Meeting
- Introductions & Overview
- Cyclocross Directions
- Road Rules Changes
- Road Season Scheduling

The meeting will end by 5pm at the latest, and hopefully earlier.

!! Where

The meeting will be held at:

The Reem and Kayden Center for Science
Bard College
Annandale Rd
Red Hook, NY, 12571

Signs will be posted in the building entrance with directions to the
specific room. The science center location is marked on this map:

Alternatively, use these area and campus maps to find your way around:

!! Contact

For all questions or comments, please contact:

Joe Kopena
Volunteer Conference Director, ECCC

Caitlin Thompson
Volunteer Assistant Director, ECCC
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