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Winter Planning 2011


Slides from the meeting are here:


Major items:


  • Intro categories will be added to MTB season, in addition to the existing pre-race clinics. These will be held on alternate, more accessible courses in order to boost retention. Women's MTB categories will shift to A/B and Intro fields, with B racers doing fewer laps in XC races but the same in STXC.


  • After several succesful years leading the CX season, Bill Palm (MIT) is stepping down as the ECCC Cyclocross Coordinator. Steve Hopengarten (Union alumni) will be heading up organizing the schedule for this year, but we are looking for someone to do season scoring and general support.
  • Staying within our current CX structure, we're going to work on building more ECCC community and team connections, as well as better supporting new riders, at CX races. Examples include having an ECCC pop tent at races for people to warm up/hang out at, organizing conference dinners at some races, and establishing off course Intro clinics and group warm up laps.


  • Charlie Hanlon (Kutztown) and Liz Marcello (Columbia) have stepped up to coordinate a revived track season.

Summer Camps

  • In part to get more riders, and particularly newer riders, crossing over from road to other disciplines, we'll be establishing a set of summer camps. Some of these will be informal get-togethers focused on new riders and women. Others will have more formal clinic-type structure. As a start:
    • Dartmouth will be organizing an MTB and potentially Road camp at Kingdom Trails in NH. The event will most likely feature a multi-week condo at Kingdom Trails, with one week devoted to women riders, and little cost for participants.
    • Rutgers will be expanding its mid-August weekend CX clinic, more widely publicizing to all teams and potentially including more social events (e.g., Saturday dinner).


Caitlin's notes are here: PDF.

Joe's notes are as follows:

ECCC February Meeting 
February 20, 2011 
Yale University 

[ Agenda ]
- Overview of ongoing general initiatives. 
- Road season status, rules changes and updates. 
- MTB scheduling, rules changes, development ideas, women's MTB. 
- CX general discussion, calls for new organizers. 
- Track season general discussion and pre-planning. 

[ Road ]

Columbia received small grant from NY LA for Intro coaches

Addition to notes about downgrading:
- Only applicable to new/hiatus racers
- Similarly, Cat 4s who need to move to D should talk to Joe

[ MTB ]

Revisiting lift tickets
- Promoters did well these down in 2010, following earlier discussion
- Typical non-collegiate DH: Practice day + race about $80 w/ lift
  + Maybe over $100 w/ DS
- Promoters should try to keep lift tickets under $30--35
  + Double-ticket weekends to be strongly avoided

Correction to slides: Endurance winner will take XC, STXC callups

Controlling costs with venues
- Running other races at MTB events is viable, talk to Joe & Sully
- Don't need timing, reg, etc. from mountains
- Do need safety plans, EMTs, etc. from mountains

Gravity/DH overshadows endurance in many people's mind
- Need to reduce rad/hardcore image
- Stress endurance image to get those athletes in

Intro races!
- Beginner women and men could use easier, more accessible courses
  + On top of the clinics we're already doing
- Could be hard at some venues, but most should be able to accomodate
  having an alternate course to run Intro race on
- Run Women's A/B, current B race slot moved to Women's Intro
  + B racers do less laps in XC, same in STXC
- Add Men's Intro

Interested in promoting
- UMass (Adam Gagne, Mt Snow or Plattekill
- Lehigh (Thomas Surgnet, Lehigh
  + Can do Sep 3/4, Sep 17/18, Oct 8/9, Oct 15/16, prefers Sep 17/18
- RPI (Pat Dunn, Plattekill
  + Prefer Oct 8/9 to coordinate with Plattekill race, could do any
  + George Olmer @ Plattekill leading outreach
- UVM: Prefers Easterns
- NU: Highland?
  + Slim should be returning to Highland, building XC trails

[ CX ]

Bill Palm stepping down as coordinator
- Foolish notions of graduating and so on

Steven Hopengarten willing to step in to lead scheduling, would like
assistance, particularly with results
- Planning on largely similar mix of large UCI and smaller events as
  per 2010 schedule (trying to avoid some of the extremely small)
- Hoping to cover farther west into PA and NY

Notes on collegiate promoted races:
- Army: Needs better categories setup, wider courses, more attendance
- Cornell: Great organization, better courses first year, good competition

Need big UCI fields to have adequate competition for top riders
- CycleSmart, NBX should *definitely* stay on schedule

Effects of Nats moving to Jan 4--8?
- Smaller races may spread out in schedule a bit; UCI set
- Shouldn't start collegiate before November---MTB conflict, burnout

Many fewer complaints this year about people not being able to reg
- Effect of more smaller races

Licenses not a huge deal in terms of barriers to racing
- Most people have full licenses anyway
- Put the word out more about it, get people thinking ahead of time
- "Expanding" a collegiate license into a full license would be useful

Need more guidance for new racers
- Specific newbie areas on website, per-season tips
  + CX: Register early for races!

Should do more to create collegiate scene, connect people at races
- Collegiate/ECCC warmup tent for CX to pull people together
- Social events @ CX races---host dinners during weekends, outside race
- Run off course clinics and warm up laps, inviting all teams
  + Rutgers willing to lead on this

New nats allocations per number of A racers per discipline
- ECCC CX has a lot of people with B licenses doing nats...

[ Track ]

Nationals in Indianapolis, hosted by Marian
- Sept 15--17

Charlie Hanlon <> (Kutztown) and Liz Marcello
<> (Columbia) interested in coordinating

Outreach at tracks to students racing but not collegiately?

[ Camps ]

Need more over the summer to hook roadies into other disciplines
+ Particularly women

Dartmouth interested in hosting MTB camp
- Host housing at Dartmouth or condo at Kingdom Trails
- Discount rate renting bikes?

Rutgers interested in expanding August CX camp

Coordinate with existing beginner's clinics for track days?

Summer summit at Purgatory RR?
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