Website Documentation

This page archives notes about the operation of the website.


Design notes, plans, and requirements are here:


After you login to edit or upload, edit and upload links will appear in the primary navigation strip for faster access in the rest of the session.

Custom Markup

Several site-specific tags are available to use:

  • (:usac:) inserts a link to USAC's homepage: USA Cycling.
  • (:calendar:) includes a link to the (current) calendar page, like so: calendar.
  • (:blogosphere:) includes the ECCC Blogosphere logo and link:
  • (:news-network:) includes the ECCC News Network logo and link.
  • (:twitter:) includes the ECCC News Twitter account logo and link.

There is also extensive custom markup for creating calendars. Documentation will be written up at some point, but consult a previous season (MTB 2011 is particularly good) for examples.

Internal Controls

In addition to the main content, some aspects of the site and page layout are manageable through the wiki itself:

  • Site.SideBar contains the primary navigation strip. Note that the current theme lowercases entries, but proper case should be used in case future themes don't. This list should be kept pretty minimal.
  • Site.SiteWideAlert controls the site wide alert, which appears under the sidebar photo if and only if the page exists. To have the alert framed in the red alert box it should be in a table with simply a header & cell, like so:
    ||! Alert Title ||
    || Alert wiki text goes here. ||
    Generally the alert shouldn't contain anything other than the alert box like that and should be fairly short.
  • Site.DefaultSideInfo controls the default sidebar text.
  • Each group has a page SideInfo which sets specific sidebar content for that group. If this page exists, it is displayed instead of Site.DefaultSideInfo in the sidebar for every page in that group. Examples: The ECCC and USAC logos are fixed parts of the layout, not controlled by the sidebars.

To delete a page, e.g., for the site wide alert and the group sidebars, edit the page and change the text to "delete" all by itself. Note that you irretrievably lose the page history doing this, so be careful! On that note, nothing substantial or critical should be kept in the alert, and probably not the sidebars either. They're just to help with navigation, cute content bits, etc.


The photos are currently all controlled by the main Javascript and not manageable from the Web.

A new random top banner is chosen for display if the user hasn't looked at the page in the past twenty minutes.

The sidebar photo is random on every page hit, but mousing over reveals simple navigation controls to scroll through the list. Clicking on the photo brings up the full version, along with a description and attribution. That photo is dismissed by clicking on it.


tjkopena and shopengarten have access to edit the whole site as well as server access and should be able to fix most problems.

tjkopena has access to the Google Analytics data.

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