This page outlines the many categories into which ECCC races are divided. The process for progressing through them is discussed on the Upgrades page.


The ECCC runs a full slate of categories at every race, catering to everybody from complete beginners to veteran pros for both Men and Women. Each of these is associated with but distinct from non-collegiate categories, as listed below and defined in the USAC Collegiate Rulebook.


All ECCC road races feature five categories (A--D, Intro), typically spread across 8-9 fields.

AP/1/2/3For expert, veteran racers; often includes semi-pro and pro riders.
B3/4For racers with a significant amount of experience and results.
C4/5For newer riders who have done some racing or group riding.
D5For new racers who have enough riding experience to not require coaching.
Intro5For beginners without racing or group riding experience.

The ECCC's Introduction to Bicycle Racing categories are for new racers looking to learn more about riding, particularly in a group, and get some racing experience in a safe, educational environment. More information is available on the Intro page.

More information on Women's categories and their organization is available in the ECCC Women's section.

Mountain Biking

Every MTB rider has separate categories for Endurance (XC/STXC), Downhill/Super-D, and Dual Slalom/Mountain Cross, each consisting of two women's categories (A, B) and three men's categories (A--C).

AP/1Elite & ExpertFor veteran, technically competent and fit racers.
B1/2SportFor racers with some amount of MTB riding or racing experience.
C2/3BeginnerFor riders new to MTB riding and racing.

ECCC MTB races do not have separate Intro categories due to the nature of the races. However, half an hour before every XC and STXC race begins for the day there is a coached clinic. These feature drill exercises and instruction to help new riders pick up a few more skills and improve their racing. Look for these to meet by the starting line of each endurance race.

Watching dual slalom at Sunday River, 2008.
Watching dual slalom at Sunday River, 2008. (photo: Northeastern)
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