Cyclocross 2008 Rules

The following highlight several rules and basic policies for the 2008 ECCC cyclocross season. These are merely intended to serve as a guide. Please consult the 2008 ECCC, USA Cycling Collegiate, and USA Cycling Road/Cyclocross rulebooks for more details.


  1. Correct Team Name. Riders must register with their collegiate team name and ONLY their collegiate team name. The best, most reliable way to ensure that is to pre-register. If riders must register day of, they should be sure to check the printed results before leaving to make sure their team name is properly listed. If it is not, they must ask for corrections immediately as it will not be possible to correct the results afterward.
  2. Uniform. Riders may not wear any part of a USAC club or trade team kit---no jersey and no bibs (socks are probably okay). Plain jerseys and shorts must be worn if not wearing collegiate attire. Failure to comply with these rules will result in not being scored, without exception. For more information see Rule 4.3.7 of the USA Cycling rulebook.


  1. Qualifying. To qualify for Collegiate Cyclocross Nationals, riders must compete in TWO RACES in the ECCC Cyclocross Series for their collegiate team, in their collegiate kit. Pre-season races are not included in this and will not qualify riders for nationals. Note that riders who do not race in their collegiate kit and/or are not listed on the results for their collegiate team will not be scored as collegiate riders and will not qualify for Nationals. Please consult the NCCA rulebook for rules regarding uniforms in collegiate races.
  2. Categories. There is no category restriction for Collegiate Cyclocross Nationals. Riders do not need to be A racers, or even B racers, to compete. They must simply have competed in two ECCC series races representing their school.
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