ECCC Sponsors

Conference-Wide Supporters

Other organizations also interested in significant sponsorships for the ECCC as a whole should contact the conference director.

Team and Race Supporters

Many teams and almost all ECCC races rely on sponsorships and donations to ensure their financial viability. A critical goal of the conference is ensuring low cost and accessible events for all of our student racers. All ECCC races have strict registration fee limits well under half the non-collegiate standards. This enables all of our racers to participate as often as they wish, but poses great budget challenges for our race promoters.

On the other side, those registration expenses are dwarfed for competing teams by the costs associated with traveling to our races throughout the northeastern United States. Most teams receive very limited budgets from their schools, and rely on corporate and alumni sponsorships to support their activities, as well as discounts and donations of equipment and services to help their riders.

Organizations interested in supporting our races and schools should contact them directly via the following:

  • ECCC Clubs List
    Find team contacts through their USAC registry, linked from this list of currently active clubs in the conference.
  • Season Calendar
    Look for upcoming ECCC races and events on the calendar.
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