Surveys: MTBSurvey08

ECCC MTB Survey 2008


You've obviously run out of things to do and are feverishly scowling the interwebs for something to kill time with. Well, now you've got it! In the following pages, you will find the results of the 2008 ECCC MTB Survey. Be sure to have tissues on hand because you'll be crying with laughter, and it'd be a shame to get tears and snot all over your fancy computer.

These results are not official, they should not be taken seriously and in all likelihood were made up because we were too lazy to actually look at the results. If you have a problem with that, wait for Road Season and will give it another go. If you don't own a road bike, you should buy one, because road racing is fun. If you can't afford a road bike, get a job hippie!

Also these results do not reflect the opinions of the ECCC, Union College, Drexel University, USA Cycling or the NRA.

-Steve, Joe K

All Photos and Videos are shamelessly stolen from the Gunnshow, people's Facebook accounts and Youtube.

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