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1st) '''Adam Morse (UVM)''' "Adam Morse crashing after the bridge gap on the Downhill course at Easterns. He bent his bar right round, but even worse I think the whole of UVM and NU were sitting on the slope to watch him do it."

(:youtube AO6xFGqNMl4:)
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[+Best Photo+]
[+Party Bike!+]
The races are done. Time to PARTY! Pick a trail grab thirty friends and rip it to shreds.

"UNH weekend under the chair lift... literally like every DH rider in the ECCC was doing it"

"Highland. Everyone down Fancy Feast..or Catscratch...or whatever...was massive."

"RPI/Jiminy, I counted 32 people in one run."

"Jiminy, 30+ person head count that split in half because Santos blew it."
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