When the Rubber Hits the Road

Team, what team?

These folks life the lonely life of the solo rider for their school, but still manage to show up week in and week out.

"Peter Heinz (Conn College) went solo to races and was planning to sleep in hit car! That dedication. He ended up crashing on our hotel floor."

"I'd vote for Steve Hopengarten (Union) but for the lack of top results. Do Joe and Caitlin count?"

Most Embarrassing Crash

The best way to DNF is by way of a massive crash. These winners earned this honor:

"MIT C crit crash. Two UVM kids fell, and took out Joe Kopena. I know there is a great photo on facebook somewhere. With Jake Bobrow, Will Cox, and Joe Kopena"

Epic Fail!

"Women's B Yale crit -- inexplicable carnage, amazing photographic evidence"


"Army Men's B crit, final lap. Some penn state guy in downtube shifters took down 5-6 people when he tried to squeeze between guardrails and the pack. Caused >$5000 in damage."

Best Victory Salute

"Jesse Chebot (UVM), at Delaware rr, the picture that started a thousand blog postings."

Victory is Mine!

Josh Likpa (UNH)

I am so much better than you!

I Have To Go To The Bathroom

Some promoters totally dropped the ball when it came to bathroom preparation....

"Princeton, for the 1 mile hike and the signs that sort of disappeared after a while, leaving befuddled looking people wearing spandex wandering around anxiously trying to figure out what to do with their bike while they went bathroom hunting in the mysterious building."

"Philly Phlyer. That TP was gone so fast... Kudos to MIT for the porta-sinks and extra TP reinforcements"

SandBagger Award

For the riders/team than need to upgrade a category or two.

1)UVM Cycling (42.2%)
2)UPenn Cycling (18.8%)
3)Yale Cycling Women's B Squad (16.4%)

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