Dear ECCC,

After hours and hours of hard work and careful Facebook stalking the ECCC Road Survey results have been compiled, distilled and posted in all their glory. It is a masterpiece of survey work, the highest standards of journalism, ethical photo choices and Euro style have been employed to create the results.

The ECCC road season was contested through nine weekends and attended by countless millions. The antics, vanity and glory that were contained within this madness have been selected and compiled for your reading and viewing pleasure.

The results would have been posted weeks ago, but the time machine blew up in a freak smelting accident. But fear not, the following pages have all the results you seek.

The results of the Survey are by no means an official document. They do not represent the views of USA cycling, NCCA, ECCC or and other group with capital letters. If you are offended by anything you see or read, please take it in jest, or use some liquid of choice to drown your sorrows.


Joe, Steve and Sully

The Results are found are posted, so keep an eye out for the links at the bottom of each page.

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