Bigger Every Year

Best Recruiting Strategies

"Sucked in new freshmen who were amazed at my ability to ride rollers at the activities expo. Like flies and bug lamp..."

"we dated girls who were hot. they had friends. repeat."

"Riding around campus in Skinsuits, apparently it got us 3 new girls for our team. 300% increase."

"We do fundraisers and when people come up to ask things, we impress them onto the team like the British Navy. Failing that, chloroform."

"Clearly the entertainment of blogs beats actually getting people out on training rides..."

"Burlap sacks, chloroform, rubber mallets, good quality hemp rope, and a dash of help from our good friends at the NSA."

Best Photo/Video

Best Event

1)Dartmouth L'Enfer du Nord (20.3%)
2)Nittany Cycling Classic---Penn State Easterns (19.5%)
3)Yale Lux et Velocitas & USMA 26th Annual Spring Classic (tied with 11.3%)

Most Soul Crushing Race

1)X-Pot road race held in a mountainous version of Death Valley (30.6%)
"Record high temps and a 14% climb just don't mix..."
2)Yale circuit race in nearly freezing rain (29.8%)
"Any time my fingers are blue, i'm soaking wet, and i can't take off my own clothes, is really too miserable." 3)Penn State road race around and around on the epic Black Mo(23.1%)

Best New Course

1)Princeton Stadium Criterium (22.0%)
2)Yale Circuit (20.3%)
3)Delaware Road Race(16.1%)

Do it For Love

"soloing off the front for 22 laps to win the Dartmouth crit 2 weeks after shattering my frame, winning the Army B TTT by a minute and a half, helping 8 different UVM riders win B races, getting 2nd overall for the season with 6 other UVM riders also in the top 10, the support I had from teammates following my crash, and just seeing Rose compete after everything she's been through. Oh, and Congratulations to Joe and Caitlin!"

Wow, Joe Finally Popped the Question

Others: "Racing for the first time ever"

"Joe popped the question"

"Crashing twice in the same weekend. I'm officially a cyclist"

"Seeing about 60 women start the B field."

"Sully's Daniel Day-Lewis shirt"

"Heckling steve hopengarten"

"After Rose's horrific and potentially career shattered hit and run assault last fall she still wanted to race. She showed up at Princeton two days before she had consecutive surgeries. Then she was under orders not to ride or race for weeks. The ECCC wasn't the same without her there. When she came back her fitness wasn't there, the Rose who had the physical strength to just pedal harder than the other girls was gone for a time. Even without that her dominant personality and irrepressible spirit show up on the line. Ready to race, and as in love with bike racing as ever."

Rose is SO BADASS!

Wild and Crazy

1) UVM (16 votes)
2)MHC or the MHC blow up doll(9 votes)
3)Maggie Sullivan (4)
4)Joe Kopena (3)

Mr. GQ.

Random Photos

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