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ECCC Women's Road Categories

Emma Bast (Mt Holyoke)
Emma Bast (Mt Holyoke), former Women's Intro racer and later 2009 USAC Collegiate D2 National Road Race Champion, relaxes with a little cyclocross. (:by Carlos Sabillón:)

Every ECCC road race features three women's races covering four categories. Basic information about these and progressing through them is available on the Categories and Upgrades pages. The following are additional women's-specific notes and guides.

Remember that all categories are restricted to full time students on a licensed collegiate club, except for Women's Intro.

Truly elite Women's A racers may elect to compete in Men's A or B events for additional training. Talk to the conference director and/or road season coordinator for details.

Questions and comments about women's categories should go to the women's coordinator and/or upgrade coordinator.

Compiled by Maggie Sullivan (NU alumni), former women's coordinator.

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