ECCC Women

The Eastern Conference takes special pride in all of its many women racers and its robust, friendly atmosphere for both veterans and newbies. Historically the conference has maintained a comparatively high percentage of women for competitive cycling, and puts significant effort and attention toward maintaining and growing its women's program.

Yuri Matsumoto (MIT) wins the 2009 D2 title.
Yuri Matsumoto (MIT) wins the 2009 ECCC D2 Road season omnium. (photo: MIT)

Women racing in the ECCC can expect a lot of competition and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. ECCC road races in particular routinely feature well over a hundred women competing across our 3-4 fields/5 categories. These encompass everything from pro and expert student athletes in our Women's A field, down to the most green of new racers getting some coaching and instruction in our Women's Intro clinics and races. In addition, non-collegiate new women racers are welcome to participate in our Women's Intro races, providing great opportunities to bring out non-student friends and clubmates who are interested in trying out racing for the first time.

Our volunteers, officials, and race directors all conduct our women's races with the exact same approach and standards as our men's races. All categories are held at all races, and fields are never cancelled or cut except under the same extreme circumstances as men's races would be. This attitude permeates the conference, with all of our women racers getting the respect and recognition that they deserve from all of our members.

Between the great atmosphere, huge fields, low costs, and excellent races, the ECCC is one of the best places for women's cycling in this region or the country. Come get involved!

Get Started

The following are some resources for women just starting out in the ECCC.

  • New Racers Guide
    New women racers should check out the general guide for new racers as all of the same rules, policies, and details apply.
  • Women's Road Categories
    The ECCC runs a slightly non-standard arrangement of its women's categories in road races. This page explains the setup and provides a guide for women trying to decide which category to enter.

Get More Involved

Once started in the ECCC, the sky's the limit. The ECCC features a number of women team captains and presidents, race promoters, and important conference volunteers. In addition, the following are women's specific resources to get more involved and keep racing.

  • ECCC Women's Mailing List
    The conference runs a mailing list specifically for discussing improvements and potential issues for our women's races. It's also a great way to connect with other women to meet up at other events, find host housing, or ask general questions. All ECCC women are encouraged to join and participate on this listserv. A number of positive changes have been implemented in recent years that were either extensively worked through or prompted by discussion there.
  • Wonder-Women of the ECCC Facebook Group
    There is also an informal Facebook group for the ECCC's amazing women, a great place to share photos and chat about racin' and the bike life.
  • Non-Collegiate Summer Races and Other Events
    Several races in the region place a similar focus as the ECCC on ensuring high quality women's events. A number of the local associations also run leagues specifically for women. This page collects links to more information about these.


Have any other questions, ideas, or concerns? Contact the ECCC's Women's Cycling Coordinator or any of our other volunteers!

Anna McLoon (Harvard) at Collegiate Road Nationals, 2011
Anna McLoon (Harvard) gets down to business, winning the 2011 USAC Collegiate D1 National Road Race Championship. (photo: Kim Zubris)
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