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ECCC 2013/2014 Calendar

The following are confirmed dates for upcoming races, and links to results and other information for past races. Race titles link to flyers, posted as available. Links to previous years' calendars are available on the sidebar.

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ECCC Host Housing

Need a place to stay for a race weekend?
Sign up to look for host housing here!
Note that signing up 4 weeks in advance is recommended.

Interested in housing a team for a race weekend?
Sign up to be a host here!
It's as simple as providing floor space, and really means a lot to the many teams looking for help with the season's serious travel logistics and expenses. It will also help get more ECCC racers to your race! Friends, family, and local racers are all more than welcome to host. Spread the word!
Waiver Packets!

Download, fill out the form, print, and sign!

This PDF is forms-enabled. Please complete the first page informational form before printing, this will copy the information throughout the packet. Make sure to then sign each page.

Note: Team leaders printing packets in bulk to be filled out by hand and others unable to use the forms-enabled PDF should print the on-site version. Riders need only complete the first page and sign each following page; they do not need to complete the form on each page.
Team Entry Spreadsheet

For large teams that cannot use BikeReg to enter races, for 2014 we are requiring use of this spreadsheet. The sheet will automatically calculate the amount due; just fill in the needed information, save it, print it, e-mail it to by the pre-registration deadline. Payment can be made at onsite registration on race day by check or credit card.

(:schedule:) (:event dates='Feb 22' name='Boston Area Pre-Season Womens Ride' location='Boston, MA' events='Ride' pre-reg='Email' results='' standings='' :) (:endevent:) (:endschedule:)

(:schedule:) (:event dates='Mar 8--9' name='Stevens Duck Country Weekend' location='Mountainside, NJ' events='TTT,RR,CI' pre-reg='closed' results='TTT, RR, CI' standings='' :) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Mar 15--16' name='Philly Phlyer' location='Philadelphia, PA' events='TTT,RR,CR' pre-reg='closed' results='TTT/ITT, RR, CR' standings='':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Mar 22' name='Bard Campus Criterium' location='Annandale-on-Hudson, NY' events='CR' pre-reg='closed' results='CR' standings='':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Mar 23' name='Uncle Sam Road Race' location='Pittstown, NY' events='TTT,RR' pre-reg='closed' results='TTT, ITT' standings='':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Mar 29--30' name='MIT X-Pot' location='MA' events='ITT,RR,CR' pre-reg='closed' results='ITT, CR, RR' standings='':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Apr 5--6' name='Army Cycling Weekend' location='New York' events='TTT, RR, HC, CI' pre-reg='closed' results='Full' standings='':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Apr 12' name='L-Enfer du Nord' location='Hanover, NH' events='ITT,CR' pre-reg='closed' results='ITT, CR' standings='':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Apr 13' name='Mt. Philo Road Race' location='Charlotte, VT' events='RR' pre-reg='closed' results='RR' standings='':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Apr 19--20' name='Nittany Cycling Classic' location='PA' events='TTT,RR,CR' pre-reg='closed' results='TTT, RR, CR' standings='':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Apr 26--27' name='ECCC Championships p/b RISD/Brown/PC - AWARDS DINNER INFO' location='RI' events='TTT,RR,CR' pre-reg='closed' results='TTT, RR, CR' standings='Overall':) (:endevent:) (:endschedule:)

Past Season: Cyclocross 2013-2014

(:schedule:) (:event dates='Oct 19'

        name='Hanover CX'

location='Hanover NH' events='CX' pre-reg='BikeReg' results='Crossresults' standings='':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Oct 20'


location='Saratoga Springs, NY' events='CX' pre-reg='BikeReg' results='Crossresults' standings='Standings':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Oct 27'

        name='Crossasaurus Awesome'

location='Upper Salford, PA' events='CX' pre-reg='BikeReg' results='Crossresults' standings='Standings':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Nov 2-3'

        name='CycleSmart International Weekend'

location='Northampton, MA' events='CX' pre-reg='BikeReg' results='Day 1 Day 2' standings='Standings':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Nov 10'


location='Jamesburg, NJ' events='CX' pre-reg='BikeReg' results='Crossresults' standings='Standings':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Nov 23-24'

        name='SuperCross Cup Weekend'

location='Stone Point, NY' events='CX' pre-reg='BikeReg' results='Day 1 Day 2' standings='Standings':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Dec 7--8'

        name='NBX Gran Prix of Cyclocross Weekend'

location='Warwick, RI' events='CX' pre-reg='BikeReg' results='Results' standings='Standings':) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Jan 8--12'

        name='USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships'

location='Boulder, CO' events='CX' pre-reg='' results='' standings='':) (:endevent:) (:endschedule:)

Past Season: MTB 2013

(:schedule:) (:event dates='September 7-8'

        name='Thrash & Bash at Attitash p/b NU Cycling'
        location='Bartlett, NH'
        events='XC, Enduro, STXC, TR & DH'
        results='Results, Survey'

standings='Overall' :) (:endevent:) (:event dates='September 14-15'

        name='Clarkson Cycling Presents: A Mountain Bike Race Weekend'
        location='Potsdam, NY'
        events='XC, DS, STXC, TR, DH'
        results='Results, Survey'

standings='' :) (:endevent:) (:event dates='September 21-22'

        name='UVM Kingdom Cup'
        location='Kingdom Trails Association, East Burke, VT'
        events='XC, Super-D, STXC, TR, DH'
        results='Results, Survey'

standings='Overall' :) (:endevent:) (:event dates='September 28-29'

        name='The Penn State Rothrock You Like a Hurricane MTB Race'
        location='State College, PA'
        events='XC, DH, ITT & DH'
        results='Results, Survey'

standings='Overall' :) (:endevent:) (:event dates='October 5-6'

        name='RIT Steep and Deep Weekend'
        location='Plattekill, NY'
        events='XC, DH, STXC, TR, DH'
        results='Results, Survey'

standings='Overall' :) (:endevent:) (:event dates='October 12-13'

        name='Eastern Conference Championships P/B UNH'
        location='Highland Mountain Bike Park, NH'
        events='XC, DS, STXC, DH,TR'
        pre-reg='BikeReg '
        results='Results, Survey'

standings='Overall' :) (:endevent:) (:endschedule:)

Past Season: Track 2013!

(:schedule:) (:event dates='Sep 7'

        name="2013 Collegiate Challenge"
        location='Kissena Velodrome; Flushing, NY (NYC)'
        events='MS, PR, Scr, TS, IP, TP'

standings='' :) (:endevent:) (:event dates='Sep 19-21'

        name="Collegiate Track Nationals"
        location='Colorado Springs, CO'

standings='' :) (:endevent:) (:endschedule:)

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