ECCC: 2009NationalData

2009 National Collegiate Data

Basic Data

Some basic number crunching over rider and club data is available here:

Conference Geography

Use these Google Maps to explore the geography of clubs in each conference. Clicking the conference title will bring the data up in Google Maps. The kml link on the side of each entry links to the raw data, for importing into Google Earth, Google Maps, or other tools.

Once viewing a map, click on a marker to center on that school and bring up an info box showing its name, location, and number of annual licenses. In Google Maps your My Maps panel may be used to overlay these maps into a single display. Alternatively, the first link includes data for all schools.

ConferenceRaw KML
All Schools(kml)
Atlantic Coast(kml)
North Central(kml)
Rocky Mountain(kml)
South Central(kml)

Occassional oddities in where schools are placed is usually due to:

Both of these will be better addressed in future editions of these maps.

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