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Fall Planning Meeting 2013

The 2013 ECCC Annual Meeting was held November 9 at Bard College


The following major presentations were given:

Road Promoters:


The following points are keyed to the ECCC 2015 presentation. The 2014 Road schedule is posted to the calendar.

Critical Components

The Critical Components in the ECCC 2015 proposal are tentatively supported. Many details on potential implementations need to be resolved to develop a more definite plan and collective agreement of what should be done, how, and when. In broad strokes these are:

N.B.: Regardless of the adoption or not of these for 2014, the commitment is made that entries for recognized road races, as defined by distances requirements per category, will be raised this spring.

Secondary Components

The Secondary Components were not discussed in actionable terms.

Tertiary Components

Each of these is to be enacted in some form.

Women's D

Women's D will be introduced as a new category for Road 2014.

Four women's fields will be held at high attendance, marquee weekends: Women's A/B, C, D, and Intro. The new Women's C will be longer than the current Women's C, and Women's D the same or shorter as the current Women's C.

At other weekends without the participation to support a fourth field, three women's fields will be held: Women's A/B, C/D, and Intro. The Women's C/D results will be published both combined and split, as Women's A/B is currently. If necessary, oversize Women's C/D fields will be split on-site using the same guideline as Men's D (65 riders).


All fields will be opened to all (licensed) high school juniors, removing the restriction to licensed high school clubs. This may require an additional add-on permit for each race, but for minor additional cost ($25). ECCC boilerplate flyer text will also have to be revised to make clear this eligibility and the mapping of junior (open) categories into collegiate categories.

Fall Meeting

There is widespread interest in expanding the fall meeting into a more general conference with seminars and clinics on cycling and racing topics. Bard College is potentially interested and able to host such an event, which would be a fantastic venue.


                   ECCC 2013 Fall Planning Meeting

[ Location ]

ECCC 2013 Fall Planning Meeting
Hosted by Bard College
9am, Saturday, November 9, 2013
The Reem and Kayden Center for Science, Room 103
1448 Annandale Rd
Red Hook, NY 12571

[ Agenda ]

08:45  Arrival
       Coffee and small breakfast snacks will be provided.

09:00  Welcome, Introductions

09:05  USA Cycling Collegiate
       National structure & overview, introductions, Q&A from:
         Jeffrey Hansen, USAC Regional Programs Manager
         Kristen Uhlemann, USAC Interscholastic and Club
           Development Coordinator

09:35  Atlantic Coast Collegiate Cycling Conference
       Conference overview and introduction from:
         Will Massey, ACCC Director

         [ Unfortunately Will had a last minute cancellation so this
           has been shortened, but Joe K & Jeffrey will attempt to
           cover some pertinent info. ]

09:45  Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference
       Conference overview: Where we are.

10:00  ECCC 2015: Go Big or Go Home
       To the future: Where we could go; where we have to go.

       Selected topics:

         - Mission statement & core goals formalization
         - Diversity statement, transgendered athlete policy
         - Mandatory race volunteers
         - Race entry fees
         - Conference-level race financing and organizational support
         - Conference staff
         - Fourth women's field
         - Juniors & high school expansion
         - ACCC inclusion
         - Expanded fall meeting
         - MTB timing and Road event equipment

       There will be a short break at 10:30.

12:00  Lunch
       Lunch will be provided, most likely pizza.

12:30  Race Policies and Expectations
       Guidelines, rules, and expectations for promoters and racers

13:00  Road Race Proposals
       Short briefs from each potential promoter on their planned event

15:00  Road Season Scheduling
       Determination of schedule for Spring 2014

16:00  Closing


Nearly 30 teams and over 60 people attended.

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