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1st) '''Adam Morse (UVM)''' "Adam Morse crashing after the bridge gap on the Downhill course at Easterns. He bent his bar right round, but even worse I think the whole of UVM and NU were sitting on the slope to watch him do it."

(:youtube AO6xFGqNMl4:)
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[+Best Photo+]
[+Party Bike!+]
The races are done. Time to PARTY! Pick a trail grab thirty friends and rip it to shreds.

"UNH weekend under the chair lift... literally like every DH rider in the ECCC was doing it"

"Highland. Everyone down Fancy Feast..or Catscratch...or whatever...was massive."

"RPI/Jiminy, I counted 32 people in one run."

"Jiminy, 30+ person head count that split in half because Santos blew it."
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[+A Call for Answers+]

Congrats to the '''UVM'''onsters that completed the survey, crushing the competition with 32 respondents. They are the winners of a plastic bottle full of some unknown yellow liquid!

2nd Place went to '''Penn State''' with 20 respondents.

3rd Place went to '''Northeastern''' with 18.

[+Best Not Team Jersey+]\\
It's pretty clear that some people just plain don't like those fancy jerseys and would rather stick out, here's who was the bell of the ball.

1st) "uvm - striped sock, spandex, & basketball jersey for DS. it only made me a little bit uncomfortable."

2nd) "The kid from UVM (Perry Hall) at Sunday River wearing a pink suit of sorts."

[+Sexiest Female Team+]\\
This award is for the lovely ladies who come out each week wearing tight clothes and look better at the end of the race with a nice layer of mud. Now if we only had wrestling....

1st) '''UVM''' with 36.5%of the vote\\
2nd) Northeastern with 17.% of the vote

[+Sexiest Male Team+]\\
These boys know what it takes to be fast, cause they need to escape the crowd of women chasing them.

1st) '''UVM''' with 33.3% of the vote\\
2nd) Northeastern with 22.2% of the vote

[+Gag Inducing Cuteness+]\\
This award essentially goes to the cutest couple, often seen holding hands, having romantic pasta dinners, and screaming at eachother.

1st) Clearly '''Emily and Sully (UVM)''', Who else has matching skinsuits, a Love of 29'r wheels, and an unrelenting fear of anything gravity inspired.

2nd)Joe and Caitlin (ECCC Socialites), because they show up week in and week out just to help run these crazy events.

3rd)Brian and Jen(UConn). They've both got that "Yo, I've found someone and am so over racing now..." air about them.

[+One Man Army+]\\
Teams are for suckers, real champions do nine hour drives solo, sleep in their car and make their own jerseys.

1st) "'''Matthew Green (UMaine)''' - nice work taking the DII overall."\\

2nd) "Steve Hopengarten (Union), doesn't really count because he's an honorary member of every team."

[+Most Embarrasing Crash+]\\
Some crashes hurt. Some are really expensive. Some are just plain humiliating. Here's what stook out:

1st) '''Brandon Sbordone's (RIT)''' "Me falling three times at the rock-drop at Lehigh...check out the some good roars for this one."

(:youtube WagyDpRZFHk:)

2nd) "I lost my shoe in the first downhill trying to huck the big drop that I hadn't pre ridden. I ate it face first, blew out my fork the 2nd time ever riding my downhill bike in front of everyone. Then slid face first for about 20 yards while everyone screamed "EAGLE FIND YOUR SHOE! FIND YOUR SHOE!" and I had to run back up the trail. find my shoe, sit down, put it back on, and keep going. I think I still finished top 10 by the way."

[+Awkward Moments+]\\
Every now and then something happens, you're not sure what it was, but you feel really weird afterwards, here's some of the best:

"Byron from Colby stayed in my apartment for the UNH race and within 10 minutes of meeting him, he was standing naked in my living room, for no particular reason, yelling at Delia for dropping a container of pasta salad."

"I heard that some team from Boston that travel's in red vehicles stayed way out of the way for PSU. At some Econo Lodge and sardine packed everyone plus an official in there room. Only to wake up and find that the motel staff had left them several roles of complementary toilet paper, on their vans."

"At Lehigh rooming with Union... creepy touchy group, with probably prostitution going on down the hall and sketchy pimped out SUV's with a fire going in the hotel back parking lot."

[+A Family Affair+]\\
Take it as you will, there's so much love in the ECCC, whether it be through parents or countless hours in transit.

"UVM team members would die and kill for each other. They share limited telepathy and all share the same father: Lord Satan. Also when one team member gets hurt stigmata is often present in the other members."

"The Sullivans, Maggie (NU) and Ian (UVM). Especially when shown by that poncho-style top they like to trade off wearing."

"Everyone in the conference."

Some people are loud, some people are obnoxious, and some people are both at bike races, here's who fills that category.

"Ryan Conroy (Northeastern) hands down. He may be the loudest person I have ever met."

"Netana Hotimsky (UVM) cheers for everyone. So does Chuck (USAC guy), while officiating, so much so that he often forgets to write their number down."

"The NU/UVM cheer factor is unmatchable. Maggie Sullivan has the loudest voice I've ever heard."

[+Finishing Touch+]\\
Whether you're first or last, the only thing anyone ever remembers is how you crossed the finish line.....

"Jim Honda (UConn)!!! during Lehigh STXC Mens A race a sprint wheelie finish vs non wheelie.... wheelie won... baller"

"Nik Patalano (Northeastern) smokes candy cigarettes when he finishes a short-track race."

[+Best Non-Race Competition+]\\
It happens each week, where two teams will battle in the parking lot, at the campsite or out on the road. Teams duke it out in some sort of challenge that has little to do with bikes at all.

"Scanell from UVM in his carbohydrating used a bike lock to secure Sam Mellen to a kitchen chair. His attempts were cheered on, but the lock didn't hold as Sam Mellen was still standing at the end of the night, while Scanell...well, we all saw how he was at the buffet...enough said."

"Bike Polo/ Mini bikes at PSU race."

"UVM v. UVM pumpkin and tomato smashing UVM v. Northeastern TP vans and writing on vans."

[+Best Pirate+]
Arrr Matey. Pirates seemed to be everywhere in the ECCC, and no one knows why, but we wanted to see who better pulled it off.

1st) '''"Ill" Will Marks (UVM)''' 76% of vote.\\
2nd) Morgan "The Delegator" Misek (Good Times Scoring) 24% of vote.

[+Best Event+]\\
The Absolute Best Event of the season, duh.

1st) '''Eastern Conference Championships at Sunday River by Northeastern''' (51.7%)\\
2nd) TIE: Penn State Rocky Horror Pedal Show and UNH Kingman Classic & Highland Double (15% each)

[+Best Downhill Course+]\\
1st) '''THREE WAY TIE! RPI/Jiminy, NU/Sunday River and UNH/Highland Threshold (harder one)''' (25% each)

[+Best XC Course+]\\
1st) '''Union Holiday Farm Revamp''' (34%)\\
2nd) Penn State Ride through the wilderness (20.8%)\\
3rd) NU Sunday River Revamp (18.9%)

[+Best Photo+]

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