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Your Team

This year's winner for most respondents was once again UVM Catamounts! Stomping the competition with 28 respondents. They win exactly nothing! (Ok, I guess 2 national championships is good too.)

RIT and MIT Tied for 2nd with 17 each.

The Vanity of Cycling

Best Team Jersey


1) Kutztown 11.7% of the Vote
2) UVM, RIT and Stevens tied with 7.8% each

Worst Team Jersey

1) Delaware stomped the competition once again, garnering 33.1% of the vote.
2) Kutztown took 10.2% percent.

Best Hair

Some things are just too good to be hidden under a helmet

1) Maggie Sullivan (Northeastern) at Easterns, "via superhero style"

2) Chris Hair (BU) and Natan Kupperstock (BU) at Easterns "Chris Hair. Come on his last name is hair, and he even got a mohawk for Easterns."

3) Matt Buckley (UVM)

Sexiest Bike

If your not going to be fast, you should get a pimp bike to make up for it.

1) "AJ's (Wentworth) custom painted Cervelo rolling with ZIPPs and Campy record. Motherf***er.

2)"The black Spooky with the gold trim is pretty rad."

Best Dressed Off the Bike

1)"Kyle Bruley (BU) in his Lederhosen"

2)"Lee Peters (UVM) xpot short shorts"

Fashion Be Damned

The Most necessary accessories for fashion destruction.

1)Hairy legs (42.1%)
2)Pink on Males (26.2%)
3)American Flags (19.0%)
4)WalMart Helmets (12.7%)

Sexiest Female Team

"Bucknell. I don't know what is about the water down there, but gosh darn it, it makes the female cyclists darned pretty. Seriously, after seeing 5 years of teams come through, that's a professional opinion."

Bucknell Makes me Drool!

Sexiest Male Team

"UVM, Sexiest all comes down to speed, and they the fastest cats around"

My Lord, them are some short shorts!

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