Surveys: RoadSurvey4

It's Like Herding Cats

Journeymen Award

For those dedicated to LONG miles and many hours in the car.

1)"University of Pittsburgh. They showed up every week and there was only 1 race all season within 200 miles of them."


"Pitt. Holy hell, they probably have more saddle sores from bucket seats than from actual saddles..."

2)"RIT - Average travel time (one way): 6 hours"

"RIT drives at least 4 hours to every race, usually 6. Also, they haven't missed a race."

Others: "I would say Colby but I never saw them. Other than that, Penn State and some college in Burlington Vermont, McGill"

Best MTB'r Turned Roadie

1)Chris Scannel (UVM) 2008, Easterns Men's A DH Champ---B Men on the Road (30.3%)

2) The entire UNH MTB horde (UNH); Men's A, Women's A, Men's B, Men's C, Gravity and Endurance---Men's C, Women's B(28.9%)

3)Tom Sampson (UMass), 2008 ECCC MTB Men's A Omnium Champ---X-Pot C Men Crit Winner (15.8%)

Best Team Vehicle

1)"McGill and their Bus at Rutgers with about the entire population of Canada on it."

What the Crap?

Interscholastic Warfare

"I heard someone got UMass who got UVM who got Union who got the Director. But who started it all....?"

Saran Wrapped!

"A UNH gal spread strawberry jelly all over a Bucknell van's windshield. That was followed by a UNH guy scooping out peanut butter with his hand and throwing it at the same van."

"Bucknell versus UNH we had to bring out the water balloon sling shot launcher"

Attack on UNH!

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