Edited: 3/17/2020

To SECCC athletes, coaches, and affiliates,

As many of you are aware the coronavirous or COVID-19 has become a serious concern for not just Universities across the country but all sporting communities. Schools within our region have announced online classrooms, extending spring break to students, and restricting travel to sporting events.

It is the purpose of the SECCC to provide events to athletes within our region that encourage healthy lifestyles, community, and competition. The safety and well being of our athletes is our priority. Ensuring that our events provide fair competition is a staple to our values.

As of this post, the SECCC leadership have reached out to the event hosts of our remaining events to ensure everyone is working with the most up to date information. Currently all remaining events have been cancelled.

As a result of the cancellation of the remainder of the events, the SECCC leadership has determined that we are going to permanently suspend the omnium. There will be no champions announced or medals awarded. The standings are available for the omnium as it stood prior to being suspended. We want to congratulate all teams and athletes who participated in the 2020 season on their performance but could not in good faith announce champions knowing that their were still multiple competitions that could have impacted the outcome.

We are working closely with USA Cycling to understand any potential impacts to the qualifications for Nationals and expressing our concerns for any competition that occurs with regards to the travel restrictions that have been imposed on schools within our country. It is our belief that a National event that does not contain a complete representation of athletes who have qualified is not a National Championship. The most recent qualifications have been modified to the following:

Qualifications for Nationals will be modified to use the following criteria:

  • Schools that have either had their season cancelled or have 2 or less weekends of racing, must submit the names of their participants to their Conference Director for data collection.
  • Category A racers, having at least 1 race in the Category A (collegiate or domestic) within the last 12 months or who had competed in the 2019 Collegiate Road National Championships, are approved to participate.
  • Schools that have had the opportunity to race 3 or more weekends must have done  at least 1 conference event
  • If the schools (Club or Varsity) competed in the 2019 Collegiate Road National Championships they are automatically qualified to compete in 2020.
  • In the event of extenuating circumstances, where there are circumstances beyond the control of the school or the student athletes, USA Cycling in consultation with the CD’s will have the discretion to waive requirements and allow participation.
  • The list of qualified athletes and schools must be submitted to USA Cycling’s Director of National Events and USA Cycling’s Racing Operations Manager no later than April 18th.

Follow this post as well as all of our social media channels for the most up to date information.

Nick Luther – SECCC Conference Director

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