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"Sully (UVM)"
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"Everyone on our team has nicknames and hers is "Hoots" due to an (un)fortunate misunderstanding about prior employment at Rutgers last year. The shirt was adopted afterward as an attempt to embrace the nickname, its debut occurred as a brilliant Halloween costume and was brought to every race. Some people have security blankets, some have Hooters shirts."

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!!Best Fraternizing

"After a rousing breakfast at Waffle House, we mooned the Yale team. Upon further inspection, it was just a Yale intro rider and his dad. He gave us the finger, and we felt bad. Then, the intro rider flipped over his bicycle during the race into a stop sign. We felt worse."

"Early in the drive back from Easterns we partook in an inter car food fight with Bucknell (we think). While we we were focusing our powdered donuts on Car #1, their Car #2 owned us with a pile of banana peels. While still reeling from our earlier defeat, we ran across the MIT caravan on I80. After tossing some bananas at one of cars a guy in the front seat calmly showed off their conference winning award. D'oh."
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%left%"Wild and Crazy Guy!"
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1)ECCC Directors Call by Joe Kopena \\
2)Another Beautiful Day in Paradise by UVM Team Pres. Sully\\
1)ECCC Directors Call by Joe Kopena\\
2)Another Beautiful Day in Paradise by UVM Team Pres. Sully
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[[Surveys.RoadSurvey4|Page 4]]
!![[Surveys.RoadSurvey4|Page 4]]
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!!Best Individual Blog
For the individual who blogged better than they raced....

1)ECCC Directors Call by Joe Kopena \\
2)Another Beautiful Day in Paradise by UVM Team Pres. Sully\\

"Race/training/ride reports are boring as hell. I don't read blogs for numbers and charts. I read them for the shenanigans!"

!!Best Team Blog

1)Mount Holyoke Cycling "Holyoke is the only other that can come close!"

"MHC's blog wins hands down, for content, design, and consistency of updates. Also for general absurdity."

2)The RIT Cycling and Fine Dining club

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!Style Points

!!Most College Rider

"'''Greg Wesolowich (Millersville)''' many different outfits/loud and crazy/riding bikes into lakes!?"

"My captain, '''Jesse Steiner (RIT)'''. Never talks shit, always rides hard, always ready to help. Couldn't ask for someone better."

!!Best Tunage
The best jams for your auditory pleasures...

1)'''European Techno (Justice, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk...)'''(53%)\\
2)Rock (Foo Fighters, Green Day, the Killers.....)(26.1%)\\
3) "The Clash. Play 'London Calling' on repeat and be done with it."

!!Best Race Conversation
If you are talking you probably should be attacking!

Rutgers Rider: My ba!!$ are on fire! Me: Any reason why? Rutgers Rider: I'm trying DZNuts and I don't think I like it

At the UDel road race: "Somebody took my feed." "Why would they do that?" "Tactics"

"Man, I wish I had brought my cross bike, these roads are awful." "I wish I brought my DH bike." "I wish I brought my razor scooter."

"... if we ride in the back we might crash." "Yeah, but if we ride at the front we might get tired..."

Women's A field at Rutgers season opener: "Wow, the spectators are really cheering for us aren't they?" "Yep. I kinda feel bad about the fact we're not racing. So how's school?"

!!Best One Liner

"I didn't know it finished on top of the hill." (Drexel D rider after the Yale Road Race

"thanks Yale, after finishing your circuit race in the freezing rain, i get to freeze my a$$ off descending off this enormous rock down to the vans, awesome."

to quote the race announcer at Princeton, "le château de pain".

"That was a whole new kind of hurt" - Caroline Handschuh, Yale Women's Intro

!!Best Nickname

Jose "SOULTRAIN" Soltren

Wobby (named for his infamous "speed wobbles")

"People seem to like to call me 'Watch your line, RIT.'"

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