2009 Fall Meeting Outcomes

This page links to all of the presentations given and notes recorded at the 2009 ECCC Fall Meeting. The original agenda and pre-meeting materials are available here:




All of the proposals outlined in the presentations above have been adopted. More details are in the slides, and in some cases specific language needs to be developed, but in summary:

Women's Cycling

  • Women's Intro will be expanded to include non-collegiate women racing on one-day or first time Cat 4 licenses. This instantly creates 16 high quality, fun, educational racing opportunities throughout the region to attract and engage new women racers and help develop women's cycling outside the ECCC. Such racers will be skipped over entirely in terms of Women's Intro points.
  • Women's A racers with Cat 1 or 2 licenses may, with the conference director's permission, enter the Men's B or A races for additional training, as well as race the Women's A races for points. Such racers will be skipped over entirely in terms of points in the Men's race results.
  • A Women's C category will be created, and Women's B held combined with the Women's A race. This simultaneously addresses a number of issues, including upgrade bottlenecks for Women's B, too small Women's A fields, and a poor ability distribution across all of the women's fields. Extensive details and discussion are available in the slides and presentation notes above.

Intro Races

  • Intro Clinics will be added to each event, to be held off-course during the races immediately preceding each Intro Race. Roughly half of each Intro Race will still be dedicated to a coached format. The additional clinic time will increase the value of each event for Intro racers, develop them faster, and help keep the Intro Races within time bounds by alleviating pressure to lengthen the coached periods.
  • A more solidified Intro development curriculum will be created to guide the clinics and coached portions of races.


  • An "All Season Riders" award will be introduced to track and recognize the woman, man, and team that earn the most points through the academic year, encompassing Track, MTB, Cyclocross, and Road seasons. For 2009--2010 the Track season will not be included.
  • More consistent TTT and criterium schedules will be adopted by each weekend.
  • Race promoters will place a deposit down toward the timely completion of their permits and flyers. This should push flyer posting back up to the preferred timeline of being available 3--4 weeks before each event, better advertising races and improving travel planning.
  • Alan Atwood will be leading development of a new race promoter's guide. Anyone interested in helping should contact Alan and Joe.


  • Provided he lands at work or school somewhere in the region, Ian Sullivan (UVM) will be expanding his role as MTB season coordinator to be an assistant conference director, focusing on rider and team development.
  • The ECCC will incorporate as a non-profit in order to support banking and development of a formal, recognized entity, among other long term goals. Comments or assistance on this are welcome; contact Joe.
  • Mass start and gravity race registration fees will be increased to $15. Each promoter will pay a $1/unique rider/day surcharge to the conference at the conclusion of their event, including non-collegiate racers and categories. Note that this is slightly different than the proposed per-start surcharge, but as discussed and accepted at the meeting, works out to roughly equivalent numbers and is more similar in scheme to other surcharges. For the time being this will only be applied to Road and MTB seasons; Track and Cyclocross will be exempt until more collegiate oriented events and/or seasons are developed.


The final 2010 Road Season schedule was determined as:

  • Mar 6/7: Rutgers Frozen Toed Season Opener
  • Mar 13/14: Columbia Grant's Tomb/Stevens
  • Mar 20/21: Philly Phlyer
  • Mar 27/28: Princeton/Stevens
  • Apr 3/4: Bucknell
  • Apr 10/11: Yale Lux et Velocitas
  • Apr 17/18: Army 27th Annual Spring Classic
  • Apr 24/25: Easterns @ Dartmouth---L'Enfer du Nord
  • May 7--9: USAC Collegiate Nationals @ Madison, WI

This schedule has been posted to the calendar, as well as in the scheduling slide (PPT). Flyers should begin appearing on the calendar in early February. All of the race proposals are available here:

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